101+ Very Funny Happy Diwali Jokes In 2018 [Hindi & English] - Diwali 2018

101+ Very Funny Happy Diwali Jokes In 2018 [Hindi & English]

Diwali is a great festival of joy and happiness in our family. We love to meet with our friends and relatives on this day. People send their wishes and greetings for a happy Diwali. We also like to send Jokes to our friends and relatives to cheer them up or have fun with them. Making your friends and relatives laugh is a great feeling. So here are the latest Happy Diwali Jokes on this Diwali for you.

Diwali is a holy festival celebrated in our country with lots of Joy and Happiness. We celebrate this festival with our family together and eat lots of delicious dishes on this day. This day is celebrated for the victory of good Forces over evil forces. We send many gifts to our friends and relatives on this day. This is a holy day which joins the whole family together. Today I have given the top Happy Diwali Jokes that will surely going to make you laugh.happy diwali jokes

Diwali festival is celebrated differently in our country. We pray Goddess Durga for our bright future and healthy life. Diwali is a symbol of the victory of good over evil. We send many wishes and gifts for our relatives and friends on this day. This day we eat many delicious dishes and pray God Rama for our good health and success. We also burn the effigies of the demon called Ravana on this day.

Diwali is celebrated for many different reasons in our country. In the Northeastern and eastern states of our country, This day mark as the victory of Goddess Durga over the Demon called Mahisasura. In rest of the states, this festival is celebrated in the remembering of the victory of God Rama over the Demon called Ravana. We burn effigies of Ravana and his fellow demons on this day. You can learn more about it on Wikipedia.

On this day we send our greetings and wishes to our relatives and friends. Sending wishes and greetings is a great way of showing your love and care about them. Sometimes the best way to wish someone is by sending them a good joke. Jokes can easily cheer up anyone’s mood and make them smile. Therefore check some of the best Jokes this Diwali you can send to your friends.

Best Happy Diwali Jokes In 2018

Wishing your friends and family make you feel better and let them know that you love them. In friends, we mostly wish our friends by sending them some great jokes at festivals. You can also send them some of the best Happy Diwali Jokes to your friends. and relatives. You can also send Jokes to your relatives. Making someone laugh is not a bad thing but in reality, making someone laugh is one the toughest thing to do.best happy diwali jokes

You can send these jokes to your relatives and friends this Diwali. I recommend putting your friends or relatives name on any of these Jokes at the end to refer the fact that you are sending this Jokes particularly for them. At the end of these Jokes just add their name. It makes them feel this Joke is specially sent to them if he/she finds this Joke. So here are the top Happy Diwali Jokes available in the English Language.

Where r u, are u busy,
How much busy, Little or more,
If little, don’t u call me,
If busier, then who asked u 2 reads this,
Don’t smile, call me immediately. 🙂 😛
Happy Diwali…!

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How to become a GENIUS…. some text missing, find the missing text and surely you will become a GENIUS…… 😛 🙂 Happy Diwali…!

The awkward moment when

Ur friend is arguing wd their parents

N their parents turns towards U and asks,

Do U ever talk to your parents like this. 🙂 😛

Happy Diwali..!

I found Aladdin’s lamp. I asked him to increase my all friends brain 10 times more… He laughed N replied, Multiplication does not apply to zero… happy Diwali…! 😛

If you feel little bored, little sick, little sad, all lost. You know what’s wrong you are suffering from lack of vitamin E … 😛 🙂 Happy Diwali…!


what happened 2 ur mobile.i was trying 2 calls u but I got dis msg, welcome to D jungle network, D monkey ur trying 2 calls is on tree plz try later. 🙂 😛 Happy Dusshera…!

Sir:-  Define virginity in short
student:- It is a big issue over a small tissue. 🙂 😛
Happy Diwali…!

I am Looking for a Bank which

can perform Two things for me,

Giving me a Loan, and

then Leaving me Alone… 🙂 🙂

Happy Diwali!

Why do Girls live longer than Boys………. Shopping never causes heart attacks but paying the bill does. 😛 🙂 Happy Diwali…!

American-Dogs can find Bombs in my country. Japanse-Fish can play Ball in my country. Pakistan-That’s, not a mater, Monkey can read SMS in my country. 😛 Happy Diwali…!

Thinking is like, U r standing on D middle of D road N suddenly a crow beats on ur head, But U remain calm, N thanks to God. That cows don’t fly.. 🙂 😛 Happy Diwali…!

Raju proposed a Girl.

The girl said I”m 1yr elder to you.

Raju said No Problem,

I’ll marry you NEXT YEAR. 😛

Happy Diwali…!

Hey friend remembers that without stupidity, there can be no wisdom N without ugliness there can be no beauty so D world needs YOU after all.. 😛 😛 Happy Diwali…!

When u feel lonely N alone N cannot see any 1 around U, the world seems 2 be fading away, come along wd me I will take u to an eye specialist. 😛 happy Diwali…!

Ladies hostel caught Fire in,

It took One hour to bring the Fire under control

and another 3 hrs 2 bring the Firemen under control. 😛

Happy Diwali…!

Best Happy Diwali Jokes In Hindi 2018

When it comes to interacting with our friends and relatives, we use many medium to talk to them. Usually, we interact with them using the Internet by chatting, video calling, calling and much more. These are some of the common ways which we used today. We also like to interact with them by meeting with them personally. Sometimes we even send our message to other persons to tell them.diwali jokes 2018

Most of us use Social media to send or interact with our loved ones. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. are the common social media platform for us to stay connected with our friends and family. Sending Jokes in English is not a good way in our country to cheer someone up. So you can send them Jokes available in the Hindi language for this Diwali. Check out these latest and popular Jokes to make your friends laugh on social media.


सुबह एक महिला फल वाले से अंग्रेजी में फल मांग रही थी ये बोलकर – “Give me some destroyed husband”
एक घंटा लगा यह समझने में कि वह “नाशपति ” मांग रही थी। ?? Happy Diwali…!

aaj ka social media
कॉकरोच देख कर चिल्लाते हुये दस किलोमीटर तक भागने वाले पाकिस्तान को धमका रहे होते हैं कि “अब भी वक्त है सुधर जाओ”।?? Happy Diwali…!

पत्नी:- अजी सुनते हो ? हमारी शादी करवाने वाले पंडित जी का देहांत हो गया ?????
पति:- एक ना एक दिन तो उसे उसके कर्मों का फल मिलना ही था. ??????? Happy Diwali…!

वफादार तो वो लोग है जिन्होंने इस बार बीजेपी को वोट भी दिया और एंटी रोमियो स्क्वाड के डंडे भी चुप चाप खा रहे है! ?? Happy Diwali…!

टीचर – संजू यमुना नदी कहॉं बहती है ?
संजू – जमीन पर
टीचर – नक्शे में बताओं कहॉं बहती है ?
संजू – नक्शे में कैसे बह सकती है, नक्शा गल नहीं जाएगा  ?? Happy Diwali…!


खून में तेरे गर्मी , गर्मी में तेरा खून …. ऊपर सूरज निचे धरती बीच में May aur june ?? हे भगवान् ??? Happy Diwali…!

दुकानदार : कैसा सूट दिखाऊँ ?
महिला : पड़ोसन तड़प – तड़प कर दम तोड़ दे ऐसा.?? Happy Diwali…!

funny jokes on diwali

सोनू निगम : सुबह -सुबह मेरी नींद आज़ान से खुलती है
पाकिस्तानी : खुशनसीब हो भाई जान , हमारी तो बम धमाके से खुलती है !  ?? Happy Diwali…!

आत्म हत्याएें दो तरह की होती हैं—

पहली ( तेज और आसान )
गले में रस्सी डालो और पंखे से लटक जाओ|

दूसरी ( धीमी और दर्दनाक )
गले में वरमाला डालो और जिन्दगी भर लटके रहो | ?? Happy Diwali…!

गांव की गोरी के साथ इश्क में बस एक ही परेशानी है कि…?

अगर रोमांटिक होकर उसकी गोद में सर रखो, तो वो जुएँ देखने लगती है. ! ?? Happy Diwali…!

शादी एक ऐसा दिन है
जब लड़का स्टेज पर अपनी दुल्हन के साथ बैठे हुए दूसरी लड़कियों को देखकर सोचता है…
“ये सब आज से पहले कहाँ मर गई थी।”!! ?? Happy Diwali…!


These are the best Jokes that you can send to your friends and family this Diwali. Diwali is a wonderful Festival that brings hopes and courage to fight against our problems. You should also move in your life with a positive attitude. Celebrate this Diwali with great joy and happiness and meet your family on this occasion. This is a festival of love and cares so send some of the best Happy Diwali Jokes on this day.

Whether you like to send English Jokes on this day or like to send Hindi Jokes to your friends this day, You sure going to spread happiness today. To make someone laugh is a great art and having fun with your friends is one of the necessary rules. Send them best wishes with some really funny Jokes to make them happy and cheer them up. This Diwali, show your love towards your friends by sending Jokes. Comment down below to let me know which Jokes you like the most?

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